From Styling Homes to Styling Souls Meet Mais The Stylist for your Soul

Born and raised in the UAE, Mais began her journey as an Interior Designer, successfully managing her own company “Design Serenity” and leading what grew to become a great career path.

However, Mais realized that money didn’t buy happiness, and came to realize that although she was successful at what she did, she lacked passion which she was thriving to find.

Radio Presenter to TV Presenter

Shifting to the world of Media and still it wasn’t enough

Mais felt the need to add a different kind of value to the lives she touched and being a professional at public speaking and using her voice to help people all around the world, Mais took leverage in her media career path. She grew rapidly, effectively and continued to use her voice to touch more and more lives.

Life Coaching was the missing variable to complete her passion. When Mais experienced life coaching she knew then that this was it! The tools to make the world a better place.

She lives by the idea that you can never give back enough and took interest in turning her life around to become a certified Master Life Coach, by one of the top institutes in the world.

Today Mais is a well-known coach touching many lives all over the world. Coaching with Mais is an experience her clients called aMAISing

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What People have to say

“Awareness of our thoughts and beliefs is the key to breaking through all limits”

Mais Mohammed