Coaching Sessions (One to One)



د.إ 9,500.00


Sessions details:
– Up to 10 Hours of Coaching
– Breakthrough all obstacles and create your reality

What you will achieve during the coaching:
– Getting Clarity, finding your true purpose and passion
– Removing all limiting beliefs (a belief that stops you from achieving your goals or a belief that comes in the way of your confidence)
– Become in control of all actions and get rid of all unwanted negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt,Guilt including Phobia’s and Traumas
– Setting career, relationship and lifestyle goals
– Forgiveness process and unlocking potential to transform dreams into reality

One Exclusive Guided Meditation
20% off of all Online Products
– Up to 10 Hours of Coaching

Breakthrough all obstacles and create your reality.

2 reviews for Coaching Sessions (One to One)

  1. I met Mais after purchasing the online course, and it’s helpful to meet a life coach to help in setting priorities 🙂

  2. It depends sometimes you just need an online course!

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