Skin Glow Meditation

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Benefits you get:

– Boost the endorphins within your blood to give you that glow and clear skin you always wanted
– Think your way to healthy skin, and it can help to channel stress in healthy ways, which can have positive effects on your whole body – including your skin
– I believe in “stressing positive” or embracing stress as an opportunity that leads to a positive outcome
– Energize your skin and reduce visible signs of fatigue
– Awareness of what you can and can’t control, shift focus to what you can control

The skin contains a plethora of nerve endings that are in constant contact with the brain, this is why fear can lead to goosebumps, excitement can lead to sweat, and embarrassment can lead to hot, flushed cheeks.

Welcome to this journey of glow, where you direct your body to heal your skin and glow in harmony.

Make sure you repeat this process daily just as you would do for your skin care routine

Your skin will thank you.

Try it!

Note: Please refrain from listening to this while driving.


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