Sleep Meditation Bundle



$ 44.99

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Benefits are:

– Fix your sleep problems
– Prepare your brain and body for sleep
– Relaxing your body to wind down
– Meditation techniques and guidance to find mindfulness

This guided sleep meditation will allow you to sleep in harmony. Only poor sleep leads to worrying. Worrying leads to poor sleep. Worrying about sleep is like your mind trying to fight itself. Sleeping meditation will help you to identify anything in your life that’s causing you stress or worry that might be affecting your sleep. You may find it helpful to purchase this simple course about the thoughts and feelings that affect your sleep.

Jet Lagged

Oh yes the title says it all! Those jet lags are exhausting!
If your back from a long trip this is the first thing you need to buy. A solution to sleep and fix your mental clock to be biologically satisfied and fresh the next morning.

Share your lovely experiencing with me after your results
What are you waiting for.

Sleep Hypnosis for Clear Thinking

Do you feel like all your thoughts come wandering the minute you try to go to sleep? And you find yourself thinking all night not being able to sleep
Well that’s exhausting! Its time you slept and I mean actually switching off.
This guided sleep meditation will allow you to sleep in harmony
An investment you will thank yourself for.

Try it!

Note: Please refrain from listening to this while driving.

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  1. Pretty good!

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