Online Workshops

The SNIP Break-Through

 2 DAY Online Workshop

This workshop is YOU in the NOW discovering your true passion and purpose of living. The ultimate learning of a lifetime to set your goals and get a clear vision of your life!

Are you ready to SNIP??

(Switch Negatives into Positives)

It is time you give yourself a reset and discover the amazing universe within you (YOUR UNCONSCIOUS)

Invest 2 Days in yourself at the SNIP Breakthrough Workshop to become reborn, reset and ready for your new journey of success

The Forever Honeymoon

1 Day Online Workshop

Are you constantly arguing with your partner?

Women and Men are so different, however understanding one another is not as difficult as you might think.

This 1 day Online workshop will allow you to discover how to keep your relationship in the honeymoon period using Master NLP Methods.

Self-discovery of your own relationship needs as well as your partners needs is essential to maintain a healthy relationship

What are you waiting for? Book your seat and get YOUR FOREVER HONEYMOON or THE PARTNER OF YOUR DREAMS



My friend told me about Mais and I was in a time in my life where so many changes were happening and I was lost. Today thanks to the amazing coaching, I am successful in my new job with my new loving husband and happier then ever. No words are enough to say thank you for all the guidance and support


When I met Mais I told her all I want is to stop the pain in my heart, because I was heart broken. Not only did the pain stop but I also gained hope for love to last again. My relationship with my family is now great and I feel more love than ever.


“I had the most wonderful time with Mais, I remember calling her and telling her I need someone to help me be unstuck and without any doubt she said come lets get to work. I was amazed by how confident she was. I am so happy, I got rid of all my limiting decisions and beliefs and that’s all thanks to her guidance. I am free”

_Nadia ,

“I have been through a transformation with Mais. Some people would call it a quick transformation but to me it was big transformation in my life. I can PROUDLY say that I got rid of ANXIETY and I got rid of my shortness of breathing. I am so grateful to have found Mais and to get to this blessing that I have.”

_Metha ,

First meeting we had I couldn’t believe that coaching will transform my life. I have been waking up with the phrase you said that I can never forget “You can never unlearn what you learnt”. Everyday for me now is a choice of being happy, a choice of succeeding a choice to change. I am so grateful thank you


“Knowing yourself is THE ONLY knowing
required for miracles to happen”

Mais Mohammed