Children Coaching

Is your child having nightmares or sleeping problems?

Is your child being bullied?

Are you having a hard time communicating with your child?

As a child grows he/she adapt to many different beliefs; some might impact them negatively which can result in all the above

The beauty of children is their minds easily adapt to change
“Your child’s state is the blueprint of our tomorrow” – Mais Mohammed
Having a spirit of a child is what made Mais successful coaching children of all ages; they simply love her
Create a better generation


Allow your child to become the next Super Coach

Reinforcement is more effective than punishment; and this workshop teaches your children strong reinforcement to excel their EQ and IQ.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the power of their mind
  • Pushing limits and enhance IQ and concentration
  • Understanding the impact of their thoughts
  • How to control their emotions
  • How to deal with bullying

This workshop is catered for different age groups, starting the age of 4 all the way to Highschool.

What People have to say


My friend told me about Mais and I was in a time in my life where so many changes were happening and I was lost. Today thanks to the amazing coaching, I am successful in my new job with my new loving husband and happier then ever. No words are enough to say thank you for all the guidance and support


When I met Mais I told her all I want is to stop the pain in my heart, because I was heart broken. Not only did the pain stop but I also gained hope for love to last again. My relationship with my family is now great and I feel more love than ever.


“I had the most wonderful time with Mais, I remember calling her and telling her I need someone to help me be unstuck and without any doubt she said come lets get to work. I was amazed by how confident she was. I am so happy, I got rid of all my limiting decisions and beliefs and that’s all thanks to her guidance. I am free”

_Nadia ,

“I have been through a transformation with Mais. Some people would call it a quick transformation but to me it was big transformation in my life. I can PROUDLY say that I got rid of ANXIETY and I got rid of my shortness of breathing. I am so grateful to have found Mais and to get to this blessing that I have.”

_Metha ,

First meeting we had I couldn’t believe that coaching will transform my life. I have been waking up with the phrase you said that I can never forget “You can never unlearn what you learnt”. Everyday for me now is a choice of being happy, a choice of succeeding a choice to change. I am so grateful thank you


“Your child’s wellbeing is the wellbeing of the future”

Mais Mohammed