Nidra for Corporates

Explore a better future

Your Employees well-being is the key to thecompany’s success

What is the benefit of Yoga Nidra in the Corporate world?

The corporate world is known to become stressful at times which might lead into low performance. Low performance definitely has an impact on the performance and ROI of the company.

Practicing Yoga Nidra to start the week will be a 45-minute time investment that will change your employee’s well-being and performance which will have a huge positive impact on the achievements of the company.

“Who is it for?”

Everyone from children to seniors, can do Yoga Nidra

It’s easy to follow at any age. All that your body needs to do is lie down on the floor. And even if you can’t lie down on the floor, you can still do this practice seated


  • Reduces Stress
  • Enhances Concentration
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Increase in Memory
  • Increase Vitality
  • Releases Pain
  • Change destructive habits
  • Improve Sleep

“ The results in your life change once your state of mind is clear”

Mais Mohammed